French for Love Living, Amour Vivant, encapsulates all that is so wonderful about living in this 90sq.m apartment-styled home. Love Living on the edge of the Botanic Gardens, Love Living at the top of Opoho, Love Living on the edge of academia and Love Living where the native birds duck and dive with gay abandon. Many would argue that nothing beats living in Opoho where the proximity to facilities, both recreational and necessary are so revered. If you frequent the University or the Polytech, a mere 1.6 km by shanks' pony or a mere zip on your electric scooter means you are there in an instant. When home again, the supermarket is a 15-minute walk there and back to buy some dinner. This is not to mention such iconic nearby destinations such as Crusty Corner, Beam Me Up Bagels, Filadelfios Pizza plus of course sporting facilities for rugby, tennis and bowls. I haven’t even started talking about the magic of the Botanic Gardens, but I challenge you to take a walk through them after the open home and see what is essentially your greater back yard.

This re-mastering of a 1970's vinyl to a 2020's digital has not only captured the Kiwiana DNA within, but has spliced the old with the new to create an aesthetic that is so NZ, you'll feel right at home. Behind the new carpets, the layers of new insulation and the new double glazing, the original exists and to be fair, if you had a choice would it be native Rimu or Exotic Pinus - I rest my case.

This beautiful example of Living in Dunedin is for sale By Negotiation. Don't delay, bring your vinyl life and we'll make it digitally enhanced. We'll see how much you amour vivant?

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