Tania Baron

About me

On the surface, policing and real estate might not seem
to have much in common. But, in fact, Tania believes the
skills she learned during her 22 years in the police stand
her in good stead for her real estate career. For example,
through being in leadership team roles Tania learned
how to get the best out of people. Important in real
estate? Yes!

Having been on the police negotiating team, Tania
is skilled at negotiation. Important in real estate?
Absolutely! Other critical skills Tania brings with her
are empathy, strong listening skills, problem-solving,
trustworthiness, reliability, and going the extra mile.
With a fresh perspective, a focus on high performance,
a degree in Applied Management, new ideas, and an
understanding of the needs of people, Tania is an asset to
the Living Corporation.

For straight shooting real estate advice, talk with Tania
Baron today.