Carol Williamson

About me

Her areas of expertise are broad - from small cottages
to top end executive homes, but she particularly enjoys
helping older people transitioning out of their longowned family home. House sales can be the result of
separation, death, age, illness or financial problems, and
Carol often finds herself in the role of counsellor and
the only neutral person in the sales process.

Despite a sparkling personality, Carol is logical, levelheaded and able to see both sides of any argument – all
highly desirable qualities in a real estate consultant.
Underpinning Carol’s dealings with her clients is her
belief that everyone’s home is their palace and whether
you’re selling a crib or a castle, you deserve to be
treated with respect.

So, when you decide to sell your property, and you
want someone with a wealth of local knowledge
coupled with exceptional life and people skills, talk with
Carol Williamson. You’ll be glad you did!